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Features Large Apertures 10 mm Ø for the Silicon sensors 3 Versions Silicon 350 – 1080 nm, up to 750 mW Silicon-UV 210 – 1080 nm, up to 38 [...]

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Monitor Turner

FEATURES Ultra-Fast NeedleLess than 1 second response time Reads Power DetectorsThermopiles and Photo Detectors of the PH100 and PH20 Series Large LCD [...]

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Monitor UNO

FEATURES Reads ALL Power DetectorsThermopiles and optical detectors of the PH100 & PH20 series Large LCD Display 76 x 57 mm 32 mm digits Unique Ergonomic [...]

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Monitor S-Link

FEATURES Reads Both Power and EnergyThermopiles and pyroelectrics Available with 1 or 2 ChannelsS-LINK-1 and S-LINK-2 models now available PC-BasedConnects to [...]

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Monitor P-LINK

FEATURES Reads ALL Power Detectors TypesThermopiles and photo detectors of the PH100 & PH20 Series Multi-Channel CapabilitiesAvailable with 1 or 4 [...]

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Monitor M-LINK

FEATURES The Universal MeterReads ALL Heads: Power: Thermopiles, Photo Detectors and Pyroelectrics Energy: Thermopiles (in single shot mode), Photo Detectors [...]

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