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High Repetition Rate OPCPA Systems Up to 100 µJ of output energy at 100 kHz Front end is based on field-proven PHAROS laser Passive CEP stabilization with a [...]

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Fresnel Lenses

FRL The lens of short focal length, which is thicker, has been made to a step structure and to a thin plate shape with the characteristics of the lens. It can be [...]

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Non-Collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier < 30 fs pulse duration Integrated prism compressor Adjustable bandwidth and pulse duration Single pulse – 1 MHz [...]

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Group Velocity Delay Compensation Plates

Calcite plates Different orientations for different GVD compensation Clear aperture Ø12 mm (up to Ø20 mm are available on request) Mounted in to 1″ ring [...]

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