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Femtoline Laser Harmonic Separators

Offered on Ø 0.5 or 1 inch UVFS substrates with surface flatness λ/10 Harmonic separators are dichroic beamsplitters that reflect one wavelength and transmit the [...]

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Angle Bracket 810-0100

The main use of  810-0100 mini brac­ket is mounting of 860-0010 translators for three axis positioning possibility. The 810-0100 mini bracket has two M6 tapped [...]

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Features Large Apertures 10 mm Ø for the Silicon sensors 3 Versions Silicon 350 – 1080 nm, up to 750 mW Silicon-UV 210 – 1080 nm, up to 38 [...]

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Tau Laser

Our tau range now incorporates two wavelengths, 532 nm and 671 nm. Our 532 nm is capable of powers up to 150 mW and the 671 nm up to 50 mW. Our tau lasers come in [...]

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