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Diode Pumped Lasers OPOs

DPSS Lasers with average power of up to 100 W InnoLas DPSS lasers offer excellent cost-performance-ratio, high availability, simple handling and straight forward [...]

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Standard Rods 820-0010, 820-0020

820-0010 stainless steel rods of 12 mm diameter have M6 male threads on the top and M6 tapped holes on the bottom. This allows to mount all accessories directly on [...]

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Gold Flat Mirrors

TFG – TFGS Gold (Au) coated reflection mirrors have high reflectance over wide infrared range.

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Femtoline Polarization Plane Rotators

Intended to rotate beam polarization plane strictly to an appropriate angle using the circular birefringent effect Made of crystalline quartz   As compared [...]

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