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Tau Laser

Our tau range now incorporates two wavelengths, 532 nm and 671 nm. Our 532 nm is capable of powers up to 150 mW and the 671 nm up to 50 mW. Our tau lasers come in [...]

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Carpet view

Spectroscopy Data Analysis Software Dedicated package for ultrafast spectroscopy data analysis Visualization functions: spectral slices, contour plot, comparison [...]

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Features Modular Concept Increase the power capability of your detector: 2 different cooling modules Extra large Aperture Effective aperture of 95 mm Ø QED [...]

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Finesse Laser

The finesse is used globally and is a world leader in its class. Delivering a range of powers at 532 nm, continuous-wave, and with the diode fibre-coupled to the [...]

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