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The first instrument designed for the single task of bio-imaging. Until now traditional laser ablation instruments were developed for a wide range of applications [...]

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Micro NWR213 ESI

  Simplicity, reliability, and suitable for a wide variety of applications.   The industry’s gold standard in 213nm solid state laser ablation, and [...]

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Macro NWR266

Macro Laser Ablation to provide the lowest detection limits for your bulk analysis application. Introducing the future of industrial bulk analysis — macro-LA. The [...]

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Ultra-Fast NWRFemto

Reduce thermal effects with ESI’s ultra-fast technology, and deliver the highest quality analytical data. Finally, a no-compromise, turn-key, robust and stable [...]

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Compact Laser Ablation System MIR10

A versatile fusion and heating system for MS applications. The MIR10 is a compact laser system that provides a versatile method of sampling and analyzing solids [...]

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