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Monitor M-LINK

FEATURES The Universal MeterReads ALL Heads: Power: Thermopiles, Photo Detectors and Pyroelectrics Energy: Thermopiles (in single shot mode), Photo Detectors [...]

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Constant pulse energy mode Air Cooling Superior pulse-to-pulse stability High peak power and short pulse width Low cost of ownership Field proven long life pump [...]

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Nd:YAG Laser Output Couplers

Laser Output Couplers transmits a part of the circulating intracavity power for generating a useful output from the laser. A low transmission output coupler leads [...]

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Protected Gold Mirrors

LIDT – 1.0 J/cm2 at 1064 nm, 50 Hz, 11 nsec pulses* Average Reflection >98% for 900 nm – IR BK7, UVFS, Zerodur® substrates available Round, Square and [...]

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