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PE-1800 Planck’s Law

It is a well known fact that hot bodies emitting optical radiation from ultraviolet to infrared. The spectrum shows a peak, which depends on the temperature of the [...]

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PE-1600 Iodine Molecular Spectroscopy

Molecular spectroscopy is one of the most important technologies to identify molecules in science, chemistry, biology and even in security applications. Precision [...]

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PE-1500 Ruby Excited Lifetime & Spectroscopy

The invention of the Ruby Laser by Theodore Mayman in 1960 initiated the era of photonics technologies. This exciting experiment steps into the footmarks tracks of [...]

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PE-1400 Spectrometer

An optical spectrometer or simply spectrometer is an apparatus to record the intensity distribution as a function of the wavelength of a light source. Spectrometer [...]

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PE-1100 LED and Diodelaser

Nick Holonyak developed the first practical LED in 1962. When electrically biased in the forward direction, an LED is able to emit light through [...]

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