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Sub-ns Lasers

Active Q-Switch sub-nanosecond pulses with up to 1 J Pulse energy The patented resonator design of the picolo family enables sub-nanosecond pulse width generation [...]

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Diode Pumped Lasers OPOs

DPSS Lasers with average power of up to 100 W InnoLas DPSS lasers offer excellent cost-performance-ratio, high availability, simple handling and straight forward [...]

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Hybrid Lasers

Hybrid I Repetition Rate Pulse Energy (@ 1064 nm) Pulse Energy (@ 532 nm) Pulse Energy (@ 355 nm) Pulse Energy (@ 266 nm) Stability RMS (@ 1064 nm) Hybrid I [...]

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Lamp Pumped Lasers OPOs

Flash lamp-pumped ns Nd:YAG lasers from 100mJ to 2.5J Flash lamp-pumped laser sources are especially appropriate for applications with a demand for higher [...]

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Multi-Pulse Lasers

InnoLas Laser’s dual cavity lasers in a single monolithic housing are a perfect tool for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). Our specially designed SpitLight PIV [...]

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