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Fresnel Lenses

FRL The lens of short focal length, which is thicker, has been made to a step structure and to a thin plate shape with the characteristics of the lens. It can be [...]

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Harmonic separators

YHS Harmonic separators are designed to separate specific YAG harmonics from other harmonics. We offer three standard wavelength (1064nm, 532nm, 355nm) reflectance [...]

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Beam Sampler

A beam sampler behaves like a plate beamsplitter, it has the ability to reflect approximately 5.2% of the total beam.

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CSCH Chromium cube half mirrors consist of two right angle prisms. One of them is coated with chromium (Cr) on the hypotenuse face. Half mirror divides input beam [...]

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High Surface Flatness Mirrors

High Surface Accuracy Mirrors are realized by optimizing the conditions of the substrate material, thickness and coating. A surface accuracy of λ/10 after coating [...]

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Mounted High Surface Flatness Mirror

HTFM-MHG By bonding the coated surface to our Kinematic Mirror Holders, a λ/10 surface flatness is guaranteed! This product is suitable for high accuracy wavefront [...]

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