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Partial Reflecting Coatings

Partial reflecting coatings are durable multilayer dielectric coatings intended for efficient beam splitting as well as for output coupling in laser cavities. They [...]

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Protected Silver Mirrors

LIDT – 0.25 J/cm2 at 800 nm, 50 Hz, 94 fsec pulses* LIDT – 1.8 J/cm2 at 1064 nm, 50 Hz, 11 nsec pulses* Average Reflection >97% for 400 nm – IR BK7, [...]

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High Precision Polished Aspheric Lenses

AGL-E – AGL-G These precision polished aspheric lenses can condense the collimated light into the range of diffraction limited. These lenses are ideally [...]

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Aspheric Plano Convex Lenses

AGL-15 – AGL-20 The aspheric shape allows the lens to achieve a shorter focus with smaller spherical aberration than provided by a similar convex surface of [...]

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