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PE-0200 Polarisation of Light

Reflection of light on surfaces is afamiliar phenomenon of daily life. Therefore it is no surprise that the reflection law is one of the well known optical laws [...]

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PE-0100 Double Refraction of Light

Double Refraction and Malus’ Law A green laser pointer (3) is used as light source. In a first experiment the polarisation of the probe laser (3) is determined. [...]

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LE-1300 Iodine Raman Laser

The Iodine Raman laser belongs to the class of molecular laser. However, the laser transition starts from the same level as the pump laser forming a so called Λ [...]

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PE-1600 Iodine Molecular Spectroscopy

Molecular spectroscopy is one of the most important technologies to identify molecules in science, chemistry, biology and even in security applications. Precision [...]

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LM-0600 HeNe Laser Gyroscope

Despite the existence of high precision satellite navigation (GPS) each transport vehicle which relies on navigation must have its own GPS independent navigation [...]

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LE-1000 Blue Diode pumped Pr:YLF Laser

Due to the steadily increasing demand of the multimedia applications powerful RGB (red green blue) light sources came into the focus of industrial research. Along [...]

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