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PE-1000 CCD Camera & Night Vision

The principle of creating an image  through projection on a surface is known since ancient times. Aristotle observed images of the sun through holes generated by [...]

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PE-0900 Diffraction Grating

Joseph von Fraunhofer, the investigator of the solar lines, invented the diffraction grating in 1821. This optical element showed a much higher dispersion than any [...]

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PE-0800 Holography

In 1948 – before the era of lasers – Denis Gabor developed the transmission holography technique and took the first real holograms. For the invention of [...]

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PE-0700 Abbe Refractometer

Ernst Abbe was not the first and not the only scientist who developed a convenient refractometer, but his refractometer is – in several varied and updated versions [...]

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PE-0600 Optical Interferometer

In 1881 Albert Michelson used an interferometer to successfully disprove the theory of a universal ether that existed till then. Later on, he determined the length [...]

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PE-0300 Reflection and Transmission

Reflection of light on surfaces is a familiar phenomenon of daily life. Therefore it is no surprise that the reflection law is one of the well known optical laws [...]

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