Cylindrical Plano-concave Lenses BK7 Uncoated

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Active Q-Switch sub-nanosecond pulses with up to 1 J Pulse energy The patented resonator design of the picolo family enables sub-nanosecond pulse width generation [...]

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helixx – 250 MHz

Lasers with repetition rates in the MHz range are the established choice in the field of ultra-short pulse lasers. Laser Quantum offers a variety of femtosecond [...]

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Solid steel optical breadboards are an alternative to honeycomb table tops. They are particulary useful in small optical setups. Breadboards have grooves on all 4 [...]

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Features Large Apertures 10 mm Ø for the Silicon sensors 3 Versions Silicon 350 – 1080 nm, up to 750 mW Silicon-UV 210 – 1080 nm, up to 38 [...]

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