Achromatic Cylindrical Lens

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Angle Brackets 810-0080, 810-0090

The 810-0090 standard and 810-0080 large angle brackets have M6 tapped holes on 25 mm centers. The slots in the base allow longitudinal positioning on the table [...]

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Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Workstation 740W

Pneumatic Vibration Isolation Workstation 740W is a complete solution that consists of 740 Vibration Isolation System, a Honeycomb Breadboard and a Protection [...]

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Features High Density Absorber The HD absorber is the strongest on the market for use at high powers, presenting both high average power handling and high power [...]

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Air-Cooled Beam Dumps 990-0800

Air-Cooled Beam Dump 990-0800 is designed to block a CW or a pulsed laser beam. It can be used for beams of up to 50 W in the wavelength range from 0.1 to 30 µm. [...]

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