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Beam Dumps

Features Easy-to-Use Just plug the water-cooling and you’re done! 2 Models to Choose From 4 kW: BD-4KW-HE 12 kW: BD-12KW-HD Very Large Aperture The round [...]

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Near Infrared Achromatic Lens

DL-PNIR By bonding two lenses with wavelength dispersion of different refractive index the resulting component will provide reduced spherical aberration and [...]

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Features Very Low Noise Level Take measurements with a noise level as low as 8 fJ with the M-LINK, MAESTRO and S-LINK monitors 3 Sensors Available PE-B-Si [...]

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Features High Density Absorber The HD absorber is the strongest on the market for use at high powers, presenting both high average power handling and high power [...]

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