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Features Relative Measurements from 0.1 to 30 THz Broadband, room temperature operation, easier to use and less expensive than a Golay cell Flat Spectral [...]

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PE-1100 LED and Diodelaser

Nick Holonyak developed the first practical LED in 1962. When electrically biased in the forward direction, an LED is able to emit light through [...]

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LM-0600 HeNe Laser Gyroscope

Despite the existence of high precision satellite navigation (GPS) each transport vehicle which relies on navigation must have its own GPS independent navigation [...]

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Low Cost Spherical lens BK7 Plano Convex

S-SLB-P This lower cost product offering of Plano Convex Lenses has only minimal reduction in quality and is perfect for most applications. It can be used in an [...]

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