Square Aluminum Mirrors

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Motorized Iris Diaphragms 996 Series (Max. Aperture Range 30-50 mm)

Irises with max. apertures from 30 mm to 50 mm close from min. to max. in 2 seconds with resolution depending on aperture size. Zero aperture motorized Iris [...]

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Features Low Power Thermopile Noise level of a photo detector with the large bandwidth and high power capacity of a thermal device Minimal Thermal Drift Only 6 [...]

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Cylindrical Plano-convex Lenses BK7 Uncoated

CLB-P Cylindrical plano-convex lens has a convex curvature in the vertical direction and has no curvature in the horizontal direction. They are often used to [...]

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Tau Laser

Our tau range now incorporates two wavelengths, 532 nm and 671 nm. Our 532 nm is capable of powers up to 150 mW and the 671 nm up to 50 mW. Our tau lasers come in [...]

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