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Reasonable Achromatic Lens

S-DLB An economic general use achromatic lens suitable for an optical system, which does not require high surface quality imaging such as a microscope lens or [...]

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Cylindrical Plano-concave Lenses BK7 Coated IR1 633-1064nm

CLB-N-IR1 Cylindrical plano-concave lens has a concave curvature in the vertical direction and has no curvature in the horizontal direction. When used in [...]

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Monitor UNO

FEATURES Reads ALL Power DetectorsThermopiles and optical detectors of the PH100 & PH20 series Large LCD Display 76 x 57 mm 32 mm digits Unique Ergonomic [...]

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PE-1000 CCD Camera & Night Vision

The principle of creating an image  through projection on a surface is known since ancient times. Aristotle observed images of the sun through holes generated by [...]

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