04-01 DPSS Lasers

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Rod Clamps 820-0180, 820-0190, 820-0200

The 820-0180 clamp mounts two standard rods at right angles with respect to each other. Finish: black oxidized steel.   The 820-0190 clamp mounts two standard [...]

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Periscope on Large Rods 810-0067

EKSMA OPTICS offers periscope assemblies on large rods that enable to easily adjust the height and change the direction of a laser beam.   The periscope [...]

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Tau Laser

Our tau range now incorporates two wavelengths, 532 nm and 671 nm. Our 532 nm is capable of powers up to 150 mW and the 671 nm up to 50 mW. Our tau lasers come in [...]

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Optical Materials Used for Optical Components

UV grade fused silica (UV FS) and borosilicate crown glass are the optical materials used in the majority of EKSMA OPTICS optical components. UV grade FS and [...]

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