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He-Topas prime

High Energy Optical Parametric Amplifier Pump energy up to 60 mJ Energy conversion into the parametric radiation 30 – 50 % Tuning range spanning from 189 nm to 20 [...]

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Universal Base Plates 820-0135

Universal Base Plates are designed for attaching translation and rotation stages to optical tables or to another stages.   820-0135-02 is designed for stages [...]

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helixx – 250 MHz

Lasers with repetition rates in the MHz range are the established choice in the field of ultra-short pulse lasers. Laser Quantum offers a variety of femtosecond [...]

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Periscope on Large Rods 810-0067

EKSMA OPTICS offers periscope assemblies on large rods that enable to easily adjust the height and change the direction of a laser beam.   The periscope [...]

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