Vertical Positioner 810-0060

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Rod Translators 820-0040

The model 820-0040 Rod Translators provide stable mounting, vertical translation and fixing of model 820-0010 Standard Rods in place.   One round turn of [...]

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Customizable Harmonics Generator for PHAROS, CARBIDE or FLINT. FEATURES 515 nm, 343 nm and 257 nm Easy switching between active harmonics Simultaneus outputs [...]

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Features Pocket-Size this low power laser probe is so compact it fits in your pocket! Slim Profile The sensor part is only 6 mm thick, allowing it to fit into [...]

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Nd:YAG Laser Rear Mirrors

Laser rear mirrors with hard dielectric coatings for pulsed and CW high power fundamental Nd:YAG laser applications. High reflectivity (R>99.7%) coatings are [...]

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