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100% especializado

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Non-Collinear Optical Parametric Amplifier < 30 fs pulse duration Integrated prism compressor Adjustable bandwidth and pulse duration Single pulse – 1 MHz [...]

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Features Modular Concept Increase the power capability of your detector: 3 different cooling modules High Performance Fast Rise Time (0.3 sec) High Damage [...]

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Features Ultra Thin Casing Only 10.7 mm thick! Choice Between 2 Absorbers H5: 36 kW/cm2 W5: Unequalled 100 kW/cm2 High “Power to Size” Ratio 6 W continuous [...]

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Mounted Iris Diaphragms

In optics there are a lot of fields where accurate amount of light, precise projection, specific depth of focus and other requirements are necessary. For such [...]

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