Rod Translators 820-0040

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Features Modular Concept Increase the power capability of your detector: 2 different cooling modules Low Noise Level 2 µJ for the MB coating QED Attenuator [...]

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Universal Base Plates 820-0135

Universal Base Plates are designed for attaching translation and rotation stages to optical tables or to another stages.   820-0135-02 is designed for stages [...]

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Collar 820-0030

The 820-0030 collar allows to fix model 820-0010Standard Rods at desirable height and to rotate the rod without chan­ging height.   Finish: black anodized [...]

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Venteon Laser

The Venteon Laser Technology name is synonymous with the science of few cycle, broadband laser pulses. Used in many areas of physical, biological and chemical [...]

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