Periscope on Silent Rods 810-0065

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Negative Achromatic Lens

DL-NM It is achromatic lens having a negative focal length. By setting the concave one bonding two lenses wavelength dispersion of the refractive index is [...]

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Low-Profile Magnetic Base 820-0140

Highest holding force – up to 140 kg Non-magnetic mounting surface M6 mounting holes pattern on 25 mm centers Low field leakage Low-profile Magnetic Base [...]

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Dielectric Mirrors for High Power Laser

TFMHP All dielectric coating designs are much more resistant to laser damage than typical mirrors and are suitable for use with high power laser systems.

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Broadband Low GDD Ultrafast Mirrors 720-880 nm

High reflectivity and low group delay dispersion in broad region centered at 800 nm Hard dielectric High Reflection or Ion Beam Sputtering coating Laser Damage [...]

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