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Angle Bracket 810-0120

Angle Bracket 810-0120 is an universal attachment unit. Is is ideally suited to attach together Micro Traslation Stages 860-0100 oriented relative to each other [...]

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Multi-Pulse Lasers

InnoLas Laser’s dual cavity lasers in a single monolithic housing are a perfect tool for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). Our specially designed SpitLight PIV [...]

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Aspheric Condenser Lenses

AGL Aspheric condenser lens is a single lens for collection and condensing, which the radius of curvature of one side is changed according to the height from the [...]

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Femtoline Thin AR Lenses @ 760-840 nm

AR coated AR/AR@760-840 nm Very thin thickness: edge thickness varies from 0,5~1,9 mm Centre thickness varies from 1~3 mm Plano-Convex or Plano-Concave [...]

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