Nd:YAG Laser Rear Mirrors

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PE-0600 Optical Interferometer

In 1881 Albert Michelson used an interferometer to successfully disprove the theory of a universal ether that existed till then. Later on, he determined the length [...]

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Top Hat Beam Shaping Lens FBS

FBS series Top Hat beam shapers are designed for generation of round or rectangular/square Top Hat profiles. All beam shapers are so called focal beam shapers and [...]

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Cylindrical Plano-convex Lenses BK7 Visible Coated 400-700nm

CLB-P-M Cylindrical plano-convex lens has a convex curvature in the vertical direction and has no curvature in the horizontal direction. They are often used to [...]

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Broadband Thin Film Laser Polarizers (at 70°)

Broadband thin film polarizers separate the s- and p-polarization components in broad region at 70° angle of incidence (AOI). These polarizers are designed to be [...]

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