Large Table Base 810-0070

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Zoom Beam Expander

Adjustable expansion ratio Adjustable divergence Galilean design Made of fused silica EKSMA OPTICS offers compact Galilean type zoom beam expanders for Nd:YAG [...]

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Variable Lens Holder 830-0040

Model 830-0040 Variable Lens Holder is designed to hold optics from 15 mm to 78 mm in diameter. The top spring-loaded clamp holds optics of any configuration [...]

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UVFS Simple Telescope Kit

Simple lenses are subject to optical aberrations. In many cases these aberrations can be compensated for to a great extent by using a combination of simple lenses [...]

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Nd:YAG Laser Beamsplitters

This Beamsplitter splits average polarized laser beam into two beams separated by 90° from each other. It is designed for average polarization: R=(Rs+Rp)/2 and [...]

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