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BK7 Laser Line Mirrors

Highly reflective mirrors (>99.5% reflectivity) Designed to work at 45° or 0° angle of incidence Made from BK7 optical substrate Recommended as a low-cost [...]

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PE-0800 Holography

In 1948 – before the era of lasers – Denis Gabor developed the transmission holography technique and took the first real holograms. For the invention of [...]

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Cylindrical Plano-concave Lenses BK7 Coated IR1 633-1064nm

CLB-N-IR1 Cylindrical plano-concave lens has a concave curvature in the vertical direction and has no curvature in the horizontal direction. When used in [...]

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Laser Harmonic Separators with High Transmission

IBS coated for high power lasers Laser damage threshold >10 J/cm2, 8 nsec pulse, 1064 nm typical Transmitted wavelength: T>99% Back side anti-reflection [...]

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