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Rod Holders 820-0050

The model 820-0050 rod holders provide convenient and reliable model 820-0010 rod mounting and positioning at fixed height.   To eliminate rod wobble,  the [...]

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Gauss-To-Top Hat Beam Shaping Lens GTH-3.6-1.75FA

Gauss-to-Top Hat Beam Shaping Lens is a special form lens used to distribute energy of Gaussian beam to Top Hat profile.   Lens Specifications: Material: LF5 [...]

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Universal Plate Holder 830-0075

Universal Plate Holder 830-0075 is designed for long and thick components, and can fit elements from 0 to 12 mm in width. M6 hole for mounting on posts is provided [...]

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Collar 820-0030

The 820-0030 collar allows to fix model 820-0010Standard Rods at desirable height and to rotate the rod without chan­ging height.   Finish: black anodized [...]

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