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Femtoline Laser Harmonic Separators

Offered on Ø 0.5 or 1 inch UVFS substrates with surface flatness λ/10 Harmonic separators are dichroic beamsplitters that reflect one wavelength and transmit the [...]

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Variable Attenuators for Linearly Polarized Laser Beam 990-0071

Divides laser beam into two beams of manually adjustable intensity ratio separated by 68° angle Large dynamic range Transmitted beam shift ~0.5 mm High optical [...]

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Features Very Low Noise Level Take measurements with a noise level as low as 8 fJ with the M-LINK, MAESTRO and S-LINK monitors 3 Sensors Available PE-B-Si [...]

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Zoom Beam Expander

Adjustable expansion ratio Adjustable divergence Galilean design Made of fused silica EKSMA OPTICS offers compact Galilean type zoom beam expanders for Nd:YAG [...]

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