Dichroic Mirrors

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Femtoline Laser Output Couplers

Low Group Delay Dispersion (GDD) An output is a partially reflecting dielectric mirror used in a laser cavity. It trasmits a part of the circulating intracavity [...]

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Spherical Lens BK7 Plano Convex IR Coated 750-1550nm

SLB-P-IR2 These are simple lenses having a flat surface on one side and a spherical surface on the other.They are also very close to the form which minimizes [...]

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Cylindrical Plano-convex Lenses BK7 Uncoated

CLB-P Cylindrical plano-convex lens has a convex curvature in the vertical direction and has no curvature in the horizontal direction. They are often used to [...]

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PE-1600 Iodine Molecular Spectroscopy

Molecular spectroscopy is one of the most important technologies to identify molecules in science, chemistry, biology and even in security applications. Precision [...]

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