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Angle Bracket 810-0120

Angle Bracket 810-0120 is an universal attachment unit. Is is ideally suited to attach together Micro Traslation Stages 860-0100 oriented relative to each other [...]

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Angle Bracket 810-0140

Angle Bracket 810-0140 is ideally suited for orthogonally attaching Single-Axis Translation Stage 860-0092-01 to a Two-Axes Translation [...]

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Ventus Laser

The opus is one of our most popular lasers and is now available in 532 nm, 660 nm and 1064 nm versions. With its rugged, patented design, it is characterised by [...]

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Dichroic Mirrors

Laser Damage Threshold: >2J/cm2, 8 ns pulse, 1064 nm typical for BK7 substrates; >5J/cm2 8 ns pulse, 1064 nm typical for UVFS substrates Back side [...]

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