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Variable Attenuators for Linearly Polarized Laser Beam 990-0071

Divides laser beam into two beams of manually adjustable intensity ratio separated by 68° angle Large dynamic range Transmitted beam shift ~0.5 mm High optical [...]

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Aluminium Rail Carriers 810-0007

Two locking options: by integrated spring clip, and by a fixing screw Quick and easy sliding Material: black anodized aluminium.   Components are attached to [...]

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05-01 lasers DPSS Series

Lasers bombeados por diodo CW de alta frequência e frequência única: 355 nm – 1064 nm até 3 W 355 nm, 457 nm, 491 nm, 515 nm, 532 nm, 561 nm, 640 nm, 660 [...]

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Filter Holders 830-0060A, 830-0070A

Model 830-0060A and 830-0070A Filter Holders are designed to locate plate optics with maximum clear aperture. Each plate is held separately to prevent scratching [...]

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