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helixx – 250 MHz

Lasers with repetition rates in the MHz range are the established choice in the field of ultra-short pulse lasers. Laser Quantum offers a variety of femtosecond [...]

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Gecco One

The gecco femtosecond oscillators are based on an exceptionally robust mechanical design in a sealed housing comprising proprietary mechanisms to self-start, [...]

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Taccor Laser

With the taccor family, Laser Quantum offers a range of femtosecond lasers with a repetition rate of 1 GHz. They are all turn-key products that combine the pump [...]

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Gigajet Oscillator

The gigajet family of oscillators offers high repetition rates, high reliability and a choice of key variables to suit your application. They are also available in [...]

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Venteon Laser

The Venteon Laser Technology name is synonymous with the science of few cycle, broadband laser pulses. Used in many areas of physical, biological and chemical [...]

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