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Base Plate with Rotary Clamp 820-0130

820-0130 is used for random positioning on an optical table when these elements can not be directly fastened to the optical table in required place.   The Rod [...]

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Universal Base Plates 820-0135

Universal Base Plates are designed for attaching translation and rotation stages to optical tables or to another stages.   820-0135-02 is designed for stages [...]

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Universal Base Plate 820-0136

Universal Base Plate 820-0136 is designed to fix listed translators to optical tables and other flat surfaces. Fits metric and imperial hole patterns. Designed to [...]

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Low-Profile Magnetic Base 820-0140

Highest holding force – up to 140 kg Non-magnetic mounting surface M6 mounting holes pattern on 25 mm centers Low field leakage Low-profile Magnetic Base [...]

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Compact Magnetic Bases 820-0150

Small components may be quickly positioned on ferromagnetic optical tables and breadboards or translation stages using Compact Magnetic Bases 820-0150.

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Riser Blocks 820-0160, 820-0170

The 820-0160 and 820-0170 series riser blocks interface with all our optical mounts and holders providing rigid mounting of components at desirable optical axis [...]

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