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Aluminium Rail Carriers 810-0007

Two locking options: by integrated spring clip, and by a fixing screw Quick and easy sliding Material: black anodized aluminium.   Components are attached to [...]

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Steel Rail Carriers 810-0020

Rail Carriers 810-0020 may be quickly lifted and set again on the rail. Slide the carrier to any point on the rail and secure it with the fixing screw. The [...]

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Angle Bracket 810-0120

Angle Bracket 810-0120 is an universal attachment unit. Is is ideally suited to attach together Micro Traslation Stages 860-0100 oriented relative to each other [...]

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Mini Angle Brackets 810-0130

Mini Angle Brackets 810-0130 are used to increase the functionality of Mini and Micro series Optical posi­tio­ners.   Model 810-0130-02 enables to establish a [...]

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Base Plates with Eccentric Clamp 820-0120

Bases 820-0120 are used to clamp posts and post holders in random positions. Attach a post to the base using an M6 screw. Set the position. The base rotates around [...]

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Table Clamp 820-0125

For mounting silent rods 795-0010 or fixed pedestals 820-0055 to tables, you may use thread adapters 795-0016 or clamp 820-0125. Table clamp 820-0125 can also be [...]

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