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Table Supports 765, 766

Convenient sizes Optimal height Multipurpose in use Handy assembling Optical Table Supports are primarily designed for support of the Honeycomb Tabletops 720-740. [...]

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Table Connectors 791

Table Connectors render a quick and reliable way to link table tops together. The tables, which are being linked, usually have M6 tapped mounting holes on their [...]

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Laser Shelves 792

Laser Shelves are optional breadboards. They save space when installing a laser and other equipment beneath optical table tops. A shelf stays mechanically coupled [...]

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Narrow Aluminium Optical Rail 810-0001

Available in sizes from 75 mm (3”) to 600 nm (24”) Compact low-profile dovetail design Precision CNC machined on all surfaces Material: black anodized [...]

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Narrow Aluminium Rail Carriers 810-0002

Essential carriers for optical rail setups Compact dovetail design Precision machined dovetail clamps For metric and inch Material: Black anodized aluminium

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Aluminium Optical Rails 810-0005

Easy sliding and fixing Scale engraved High stability Material: black anodized aluminium.

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