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Angle Brackets 810-0080, 810-0090

The 810-0090 standard and 810-0080 large angle brackets have M6 tapped holes on 25 mm centers. The slots in the base allow longitudinal positioning on the table [...]

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Angle Bracket 810-0100

The main use of  810-0100 mini brac­ket is mounting of 860-0010 translators for three axis positioning possibility. The 810-0100 mini bracket has two M6 tapped [...]

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Angle Bracket 810-0110

Angle bracket 810-0110 is used to assemble Z axis in translation system 860-0051XYZ.   Material: black anodized aluminium.

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Large Rods 810-0040, 810-0050

The main use of model 810-0040 precision grounded chromium plated steel rod is vertical positioner mounting. The rod is mounted to a base by M6 screw 820-0260. The [...]

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Multiple Mounting Plates 810-0035

Multiple Mounting Plates 810-0035 allow to assemble groups of accessories mounted in close proximity and acting as one unit (e.g. compound lens). For example, the [...]

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Sliding Rail Carrier 810-0030

Sliding Rail Carrier 810-0030 – a universal platform, which has additional upper rails orthogonal to lower base rails. The Carrier allows to attach any unit [...]

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